Basset Retriever

220px-basset-retrieverThe Basset Retriever is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Basset Hound.

Hybrid dogs, sometimes called “Designer Breeds”, tend to take on the characteristics of both breeds that are used. Therefore, any number of combinations can be used to create almost any type or temperament of dog you can desire.

To really be able to tell which Hybrid would be what you want, it is generally best to research the “purebred” dogs that make up the Hybrid to see if that’s what you want in a dog.

They do not have to be 50% of each breed. When that is done, they are considered an F1 Hybrid, or first generation. Lots of times, that F1 Hybrid female will be bred with another male purebred dog of the other breed making the hybrid, making an F1B Hybrid. That dog would end up being 75% of one breed and 25% of the other breed.

The different types of Hybrids are:

F1 – First Generation: 50% purebred #1 and 50% purebred #2.

F1B – Backcross: F1 Female crossed with purebred #1 or #2.

F2 – Second Generation: F1 Hybrid bred with another F1 Hybrid of the same type Hybrid.

F2B – Second Generation Backcross: F1 Hybrid bred to and F1B Hybrid of the same mix.

F3 – Third Generation: F2 Hybrid bred to another F2 Hybrid.

Multi Generational – F3 or higher generation Hybrid bred to another F3 or higher generation Hybrid.

Depending on the size of the sire and dam, you can also breed miniature, toy or petite size dogs of the Hybrid. Normally, a normal size dam will be bred with a miniature sire to produce the miniature/toy/petite Hybrid.

Poodles tend to be a popular breed to make Hybrids. A Poodle’s intelligence, low shedding and hypo-allergenic tendencies help to create hybrid breeds that can allow people to own dogs who wouldn’t normally be able to have a dog due to allergies.

F1B or F2B Hybrids with Poodle mixes would probably be the best dogs with hypo-allergenic tendencies.

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